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From the great site Absolute Write:

I follow a number of agents on Twitter, and the other day I noticed a well-known NYC agent tweeting something to the effect of, “if your book flowed magically from your pen, with little effort and completely intact? It’s definitely NOT ready for submission.” She’s right, of course.

Where do some of us get the idea that writing is easy, or should be? That, because we can speak, we can therefore and automagically write in the same language we speak, and effectively communicate those same ideas? I know that writing comes easier for some of us than for others (not for me, though—the writing is agony—it’s the revision that’s fun and easy) and I know that our processes are all slightly different. I do not, however, know a single professional writer who doesn’t (usually) significantly revise his or her work before publication.

If you are submitting something, whether it is to an agent, an editor or the SWW 2009 Anthology, it needs editing, workshopping (or at least someone else’s eyes), and rewriting.  One of the most talented members of the SWW community sent in his anthology submission today, after bringing it to workshop this past Sunday and revising it based on his interpretation of the readers’ opinions.  When you read professional writers’ own accounts of their process, they confess to rewriting and editing several times, a dozen times even.  Do not submit your first draft!


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July 27, 2009 at 12:16 pm

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