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  • will be rolling out a new book review column on December 14th. You can read about it here.
  • Also on Salon: the best fiction of 2009.  And, the best non-ficiton.
  • And the Best Books of the Decade.
  • The ten best books of the year, from the New York Times.  They chose Lorrie Moore’s “A Gate at the Stairs”, which I just finished reading a few days ago.  I humbly dissent from the NY Times’ choose.  I found Gate to be witty, but not compelling.  The climaxes were not overly climactic, and were telegraphed long before they arrived.  Towards the end, I found myself skipping long  paragraphs of description without seeming to loose any of the story.  Moore is good at dialog; the characters say funny, poignant things to each other throughout the book.  I suspect Moore is a far better short story writer than novelist.
  • Also, the Publishers Weekly Best of 2009.   You may recall that there was controversy over PW’s list, as it included no female authors.  By contrast, the NY Time’s fiction top 5 included 4 women…

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