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New Monthly Poetry Workshop

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SWW is inaugurating our new Poetry Workshop on February 27th.
Date&time: Feb 27th, 2-5pm
Location: Hello Beans Cafe, Itaewon (Hamilton side of the street towards Noksapyeong, between Nike and Adidas stores)
Submissions: up to 3 pieces, total word count should be under 1500
Poetry, lyrics, spoken word, and other non-prose submissions are acceptable. Prose pieces should be submitted to the other workshop thread
Submission Deadline: 12pm Thursday, February 24th.

Welcome to SWW’s first Poetry Workshop. This monthly dedicated session should provide a fertile environment to strengthen the community’s poetry scene. As in our other workshops, the Poetry Workshop encourages honest, constructive criticism and support for all members in the development of their craft.
Depending on the number of submissions, we may include a guided free-writing activity in addition to moderated critiques of each piece submitted.

If you submit a piece for critique, you are absolutely expected to attend. Contact one of the moderators in advance if you cannot attend. Please call Chris at 010-8877-6742 for directions to Hello Beans.

Need some guidance on how to critique poetry?
* Start every critique with what you like about the poem or writing and end with reiterating the same points.
* Balance your critiques and suggestions with positive observations.
* Be sensitive to the writer. The point of a critique is to help improve the poet, not insult their ideas and creativity.

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