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About Us

Seoul Writers Workshop

Seoul Writers Workshop (SWW) was started in December 2007 in Seoul, South Korea by Chris Sanders, Kathryn Whinney and Ang McLaughlin. It grew from a small band of members to a 200 plus group of Facebook members, with various degrees of involvement in the group.


SWW members meet every two weeks in order to read and critique each others work. The aim is to provide opinions and constructive criticism. Work is distributed before workshop for members to have time to read, consider and comment on the work.


SWW published their first anthology in December 2008. Titled Every Second Sunday it features short fiction and poetry from workshop members.  A second anthology was released in October 2009, and the third will launch in October 2010.

National Novel Writing Month

The creators of SWW met during 2007’s Nanowrimo, and continue to be active supporters/organizers of Nanowrimo events in Seoul. Nanowrimo takes place every November.


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